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Here in the heart of Fayetteville, NC we love storytelling but even more, we love to help others tell their stories by bringing them to life or simply tempting readers to pick up your book by giving a live action sneak peek.
we'll shoot feature or short length Indie Films, local commercials and live action book trailers.
always accepting script and book ideas for projects.
We can also assist with costuming and casting - just about any aspect of making your story come to reality. even help you with setting up a funding campaign.

Official Page of The Daughters of the Dragon Moon

Meet the Principle/Supporting Cast of  Daughters of the Dragon Moon--  

The filming for Episodes 1 and 2  will begin on October 9, 2015-
Episode one is expected to go live in mid-February, 2016

Notani Shah

Nathan Pearce

Kayla Lawrence
Carine Lynchin

Helen Steffan

Madyson Lawrence

Barbara Zagrodnik

Mackenzie Walker

James Merkle

Merrik Foune
Cobe Bugni

Austin Litt Moore

James MacDonlad
Kyli Lawrence

Jonathan Roberts


Julie Mintz


Braden Garret
Franchesa Kirkpatrick

Mike Fox


Lunic Torres

Matthew Lawrence

Teaser #1

Survival- Love- Betrayal
The romance of Sir Ioan, The Duke of Montgomery, heir to the throne of the Welsh Kingdom, Maelienydd, and Gwendolyn, a orphaned girl from Northumbria, under the tutorage of Generys the Druid Priestess,  becomes the wind that fans the flames of a grudge between Ioan's uncle, King Maelgwyn of Maelienydd, and the Priestess.

Meet the cast appearing in the trailer:
Chase Anderson as Sir Ioan

Kayla Lawrence as Kaia

Rachel Cockman as Gwendolyn

Barbra Lewis Zagrodnik as Generys

Madyson Lawrence as Alicia

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